Friday, September 18, 2009

Nothing lasts forever... why should it? if we're happy forever why will we appreciate it.. u nid to be sad to understand how important being happy is... u dont realise how important someone is until they go away... u dont value something unless u have earned it painfully.. u dont learn a lesson from others mistakes.. y should u actually how will u unless u go through the pain that one feels wen something dey do goes wrong... learnin from others mistake's is overrated i hardly know ne1 who learns from their own!!

Taking life for granted is easy..

Acting like ur some1 else is easy too..

Standing up and owning ur mistakes is'nt easy but thats wat im trying to do... (that rhymes lol)

Constant change is nature's way of getting us to appreciate things in life.. change is inevitable either u adapt to it or u get left behind..

Nufin dats here hasnt been said before.. but then again wat has one evr done dat hasnt been done before.. :)

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