Wednesday, July 22, 2009

sometimes your world just comes crashing down to this devastating end wher u hve no option but to face the problem infact theres no two ways about it,its the only option u such times they say people lose hope at such times they give up....dey tell me dont worry dey tell me its not the end of the world ofcourse its not the end, its not the end of thier world but its the end of mine!!but,, i wont quit not as yet not because they tell me not to but because i DONT wont to,, im still here this IS still me..

the chick flick post!

im guessing i should start with a topic girls love and adore the girlie movies!! dat most of us like dragging our boy friends to n hear dem grumbling about it all the time! [but hey guys u have to agree u do start watching the movie with interest a lil while later :p] yea so how many of us has watched a movie in which the guy does such cute stuff for his lady love and think.. wow i wish i had someone to do that for me..

i just watched a movie the other day that the hero stays on the front porch for two entire days before the girl actually forgives him..
woah! how many of u think some1 is actually gonna do dat for u?? well i dunno is der even a point to wondering if the guys in real life should resemble the guys on reel life?? maybe not cuz well it only raises our expectations from the guys and the chances of some1 actually meetingtrue all those expectations we girls have from guys n plus the expectations that the movies are trying to make us have are honestly less than 50%..

so well doesnt this lead to further heartbreak...yea well i guess it does not many of us have the i-will-stay-outside-your-door-until-u-forgive-me kinnda guy do we?? or for that matter how long does a guy even pursue apologising?? an hour? a day? or maybe for some lucky girls a month...

yeah.. so the point basically is should we really be watching all those movies dat get all wrong ideas into our heads?? about guys who dote on girls n lead us to believe we can be the centre of some guys world cuz if we're not he doesnt luv us? is dat wat its awl about? mayb.. mayb for some but not for me!!

i dont think such guys exist and if u do happen to noe ne such guy n well if ur not keeping him for urself den u noe wat to do.... [lemme noe of course!!] ;)